Set Your Rich Media Free

I enjoyed another new challenge today as I took part in Adobe’s Digital Marketing Insights Webinar series (Adobe Webinar Wednesday). While there were people watching live, Q&A was only via a chat pod at the end of the presentation, so it was unusual to present for an hour with zero feedback during the course of the talk. I severely whittled down my initial slide deck, but even so I had to maintain a fairly high content pace to hit the planned timing – the recording is embedded below – I’d appreciate any feedback regarding the pace of the webinar (or any other aspect of the session).

The topic was: Set Your Rich Media Free

“Adobe Scene7 is the leading on-demand rich media platform that enables companies to manage, enhance and deliver rich media content, which is performance optimised and can be dynamically delivered in unlimited variations. More than 90% of Creative Professionals have Adobe Creative Suite software on their desktop, maybe it’s time to set your Rich Media free?”

Set Your Rich Media Free – with Adobe Scene7

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