Adobe EMEA Summit – Mobile Optimisation

Somehow nearly a month has flown by since the Adobe EMEA Summit. With the videos being made available last week I’ve finally had a chance to watch recordings of some of the great sessions I was unable to see in person (attendees should have received a URL and password to watch these videos). It’s also been uncomfortable but extremely valuable to be able to watch back my session and see what I would do differently: trying to juggle a laptop, device camera, tablet and smartphone on a small presenter’s podium was a little challenging… and leaving my session notes under the camera, and on screen probably isn’t probably isn’t in any best practises manual, I also have plenty of scope to use the words ‘literally’ and ‘fundamentally’ a lot less! I will aim to provide an embedded version of the video of the session in the near future.

I’d been using the Pano app on my Desire Sensation for a while, and am often impressed with the results, and am delighted that the official Adobe blog used one of my snaps in it’s event round-up post :


(Priscilla Lawrence for the first 20 mins and then me for the last 15 mins)

and here is the Slideshare of the deck from the session: