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Storyus® is the family-friendly collaborative storytelling platform, which puts you in control of how your story is told. No ‘likes’ ♥. No public follower counts. No Adverts. You ‘own’ your story and can decide what was important, and how best to share it.

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The One Show

Paul Johnson (my Dad) had his ‘5 minutes of fame’ when he appeared on The One Show in December 2017. With around 5 million viewer it was an amazing opportunity for people to learn about ‘Paper Engineering’ and for his ‘pop-up books’ to be showcased to a national audience.

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Practical Responsive Images

This pocket guide considers the cost and value of images, reviews image formats and historic practices, and explores some of the new features and tools available to us, such that we can be in a position to undertake a practical approach to responsive images.

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Top 5 Blog Posts ( . . . . all posts )

Getting Kids Into Coding


Home Photography Workflow


Responsive Images 101

Dynamic Media and Dynamic Content Specialist

A decade of helping shape product alignment, leading scores of projects for global brands, leveraging industry-leading SaaS Dynamic Media and Dynamic Content solutions (inc. headless CMS)
.net magazine industry expert, conference speaker (including Adobe Summit).

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Getting Kids into Coding

For the 2017 ‘12 Devs of Xmas’ I wrote about my experiences teaching Primary aged children, sharing insights into how to make coding interesting and relevant for all children.

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NaBloPoMo 2016

NaBloPoMo is National Blog Post Month, which has the challenge of writing a blog post each day for the whole of November. I’d not heard of it before 1st November, but it sounded like just the tonic for getting back into writing. I’m happy to say it has been everything I had hoped it would be, and probably more.

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Save Your Past

Save Your Past Ltd. specialises in helping you make the most of your pre-digital precious memories. We carefully transform your videos, photos, slides/negatives into a form where they will degrade no more, and can undertake digital restoration work to sensitively turn back the hands of time and rejuvenate them.

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Seymour Family

Remembering Who I Work For

Ben is also the co-founder of two energetic creative entities aged 12 & 9. He also enjoys motorbikes, mountain bikes, Formula1 and the occasional track day (most recently Lotus Exige and Audi R8 at Silverstone).

There are various less-public repositories of our very happy memories, which we tend to share with closer friends and family - ping me for an invitation if you don’t already have access.