Tate Worlds : reimagined in Minecraft

The Tate have been working on an amazing project to create virtual environments inspired by some of the artworks from their collection, in a most wonderful way – through Minecraft. You can read more details and download the files here: www.tate.org.uk/tateworlds .

Getting started: To ‘install’ these worlds you just need to copy the relevant downloaded files:

Screenshot 2014 11 25 21 31 48

Save them in the same location as the other save games on your machine. On my Mac this location is:

~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft

(as this is a hidden folder, I use DesktopUtility to make them visible in Finder)

Then all you need to do is startup Minecraft, and select the new item from your saved game list.


Screenshot 2014 11 25 21 12 41

And after that it is just ready for you to explore.

Screenshot 2014 11 25 21 15 42

It looks like they have implemented a puzzle game inside the world – which I need to explore further and will report back on.

Screenshot 2014 11 25 21 16 59

But it already looks like they’ve put a significant amount of time into moulding this amazing world.

Screenshot 2014 11 25 21 18 20

It’s possible to experience Minecraft through the Oculus Rift, now would’t that be something…