7 Customer Experience Tips : Qubit Bright Sparks talk

I’m really looking forward to be talking at Qubit Bright Sparks this coming Tuesday (29th April, at Sketch, London).

It’s a fantastic line-up to be a part of, and I’ll be doing a “10 minute power talk” about Customer Experience Tips including some recent learnings from some great eCommerce client projects.  Main topics I’ll be rapidly covering:

1) Multi screen journey and adaptive content

2) Mobile deserves a different experience

3) Category Pages : Combine content and commerce

4) Lister Pages: not just a stepping stone

5) Product Pages: Content is king

6) Inspirational Content : make your videos work harder

7) SEO : leverage image and video verticals


My deck from the talk is now on Slideshare:

QubitsBrightSparks Screenshot 2014 04 07 22 12 04