iPad + Adobe Color Lava + Photoshop = creative workflow loveliness

I’ve finally got my hands on an iPad. The first thing I wanted to try out, was Color Lava, which was something I’ve loved the idea of ever since I first saw an internal demo back in my Adobe days.

Adobe Color Lava is an iPad-only companion app for Photoshop, which provides colour mixer functionality which real-time syncs with Photoshop to control your colour palette and currently selected colour.

2013-03-27 21.46.25

Select from the primary colours available (or greyscales), mix around with your finger, dap into the water to mix together even more, then load up the Color Lava palette. With a single tap, you can then send the mixed colour to be the currently selected colour in Photoshop, and away you go. (another great option is to use the iPad’s camera to take a picture to give you the starting images/colours – perfect for real-world inspired imagery)

2013-03-27 21.39.48

2013-03-27 21.40.13


The result is a seamless experience, and I can;t think of a better tablet-PC synergy – the iPad is perfect for touch-controlled colour mixing, with crystal clear instant visual feedback – connecting to Photoshop is super-simple, and selecting colours in the iPad app provides instant colour selction (or palette control) in Photoshop – couple with a graphics tablet, it is a most compelling workflow…. it’s the kind of sublime human-computer-tablet interaction which just makes you smile…. and in the hands of someone with some artistic skills it could even be productive :-)

Next: to find out what other lovely things there are to play with on the iPad :-)