Read it all later

Everyday I come across rather large quantities of very interesting materials, insightful articles, tools, libraries, that inevitably need to go on my to-read, or to-remember lists. I use Chrome’s sync’ed bookmark with folder like ‘GoodUns’. ‘Reference’, and social bookmarking via Delicious   (which I stopped really using after all the ownership changes in 2012). Between:

– the extremely interesting people I follow on Twitter (as @bseymour)

– the mostly interesting people I follow on Google+ (

– the couple of hundred RSS feeds I monitor via my Google Reader subscriptions

– various news and tech sites I regularly browse

This glut of valuable resources just keeps growing at an ever expanding rate, and so I have more recently settled upon 3 distinct apps/services:

Get Pocket (formerly Read-it-later) – this is my ‘to-read-sometime-soon’ list – I use the Android app on my phone/tablets to keep me entertained while on the train, or when the kids have got me up in the night and I can;t get back to sleep. This also where I dump endless  resources that either become or support pet-projects.

PinBoard – $10 for ‘no ads, no fluff’  – I typically use this for my ‘to-remember’. It’s easy to mark for private or public, and has good meta data support, so this is my long term collated-web archive.

Instapaper – (optional upgrade $1 per month) save web pages for later, which I primarily use to send offline copies of articles to my Kindle to read it while on my commute, especially while underground. (I use a weekly scheduled task to avoid completely cluttering my Kindle)