Upload all the things!

After 9 years as our ISP we move away from @EclipseInternet. After a crazy amount of problems and delays with the sales/ordering process, which took 2 months(!) it was a relief that the BT Engineer was brilliant  – called in advance, really nice bloke, and everything up and running before 9am ! Well done @BTbroadband, and thanks Lenny

Currently 75Mbps downstream + 13Mbps upstream = very happy me :-)

BT Home Hub so far better than expected: Gigabit ethernet, FON (off by default) and super easy to update the SSID to our previous one.

To Do:

1)after nearly a decade with a static external IP address – need to find a way to map/track the now dynamic IP address

2) Find a reasonably powerful yet energy efficient home server. Something to run a local JIRA, and Open Wonderland and be on 24/7 without costing a fortune…

Reasons for switching:

Several people have asked why switch after so long – the main reason for moving away was the inability of Eclipse to adapt their new Fibre broadband plans. I’ve really loved being on a rolling monthly agreement with them for nearly a decade – I love the freedom of feeling I can move away from them if ever I needed to….

Sadly Eclipse Internet Fibre packages were for minimum 12 month contract only – when pushed, their (lovely) customer services indicated it was because they couldn’t risk investing in the line setup and then having me leave. I emphasised that if they were going to tie me in to a contract, I would have to do due diligence, and see what their competition was like…

Having done my research and found just how great the BT Fibre deals were, I called them back to highlight, that if they could not find a way to trust their long term loyal customer, that instead of it being just a risk that I might leave them.. that they were actually guaranteeing  it.

– and so here we are…. I just hope BT can deliver the kind of great service that Eclipse have done for the last decade…