Digital magazines don’t need to be so 2 dimensional

Yesterday I started exploring Zinio as a magazine platform, and bought The Economist, which I am doubly unimpressed with: at £3.80 it is damn near the cost of the hard-copy version, and there appears to be no multimedia use at all.

Compared with some of the Digital Publishing Suite based magazines I’ve been looking at, the Zinio ones are so….. 2 dimensional. Suffice to say, my Zinio experience is probably my first disappointing experience with tablet-life so far, but hopefully the likes of Wired will be available on Android soon, and so it is an experience I will not need to revisit.

(Note: I work for the company that created DPS (though have had no internal involvement with the product))


[Update 20 July 2011:] The latest release of the Zinio app for Android is much better.

Not a patch on the multi media rich DPS based digital magazines but a step in the right direction.

Still no option to pay using Google checkout, but at least PayPal is there now.

12 free magazines if you are new to Zinio ( or just setup a new account) until mid August