Android apps : expenditure (the pennies add up)

I’m finding that on my Android Tablet, these £1 and £2 apps are so easy to buy, and so low cost as to not require too much self justification, or even especially high expectations, after all what is the break even in terms of minutes of enjoyment per £1 spent? Anyway, last night I went through my Google Checkout history to see what the running total is. I was a little surprised to find it is just over £75 for the 2 months I’ve had the Asus Transformer, but in looking through the list, there is almost nothing that I am disappointed with.

[update Aug 17 2011] I’ve now hit just over £100 total spend over 3 months, but the spend rate appears to be reducing

The breakdown is surprisingly even between utilities/games/educational/sports.

I only have two ‘sports’ app – but at £20 the Forumla 1 live timing app is many times more expensive than most of the rest, though for a few hours on occasional Sundays it is worth every penny.

As the Transformer is my only eBook reader, it could be reasonable to include my £25 spend on Kindle books to the total. Again these are mostly low ticket items (quite a few good books by new authors for just 69p) but then I also splurged out £12 for the digital version of Lord of the Rings. I could also add the £10 for my year’s Hacker Monthly subscription, as I predominantly bought them to read on the tablet – it’s the ideal platform.

[Update: as requested here are the apps I have bought to date] (many other free ones have also been installed)

I will hopefully write a mini-review soon, but for now have put a * by those I really liked:

Juice Defender Ultimate utility
Weather Pro utility
GPS Essentials (Donation) utility
Solo (Guitar) game
Mobiata – FlightTrac utility
Mobiata – FlightBoard utility
Samurai II: Vengeance Game
Thinking Space Pro utility
Endomondo pro utility
Splashtop Inc. – Splashtop Remote Desktop utility
Galapagos – Trial Xtreme; game
Splashtop Inc. – Splashtop Remote Desktop HD utility
NextApp, Inc. – SystemPanel App / Task Manager utility
ZeptoLab – Cut the Rope; game
Bithack AB – Apparatus; game
Metago – ASTRO File Mgr Pro (key) utility
Vector Unit Inc – Riptide GP game
Dexilog SARL – Smart Keyboard PRO; utility – GTasks (Key for remove Ads); utility
Playbox – Bang Bang Racing THD; game
NBA Properties, Inc. – NBA Game Time sport
Oceanhouse Media,… – Dr. Seuss’s ABC educational
*Autodesk Inc. – SketchBook Mobile utility
Read It Later – Read It Later Pro utility
Soft Pauer Limited – F1 2011 Timing App – CP; sport
*Wyse Technology Inc – Wyse PocketCloud Pro RDP/VNC utility
Slitherine Ltd. – HISTORY Great Battles Medieval game
Kittehface Software – Galactic Core Donation utility
LevelUp Studio – Beautiful Widgets; utility
*Unidocs Inc. – ezPDF Reader; utility
Oceanhouse Media,… – Oh, the Places You’ll Go! educational
Oceanhouse Media,… – The Lorax – Dr. Seuss educational
Four Pixels – Air Control game
Intellijoy – Kids Connect the Dots educational
Weekend Coders, LLC – FeedR News Reader utility
HyperAware – Act 1 Video Player utility

I use DropBox to sync my Thinking Space Pro. If you haven’t tried it I would totally recommend it, and if you would be so kind as to use my referral below, we should both get a little extra free space: