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Haktive is a project by Emma Seymour with the mission to get more children and families to be active everyday.

Haktive Facebook page is a place to find and manage words of inspiration - bringing you back to yourself.... and maybe, one day, a community of support for fostering and nurturing well-being.

The project is API first, written using a MEAN stack. It's part of a '30 day project' exercise. Facebook page

Code Parents()

Code Parents is for people with little or no prior computing experience, who would like to be better prepared to encourage and support children in starting to explore coding.

While volunteering in primary schools I often find that parents are intrigued but mystified by the activities that their children were exploring in the code club. Many want to know more, but don’t know where to start – this site is for anyone in a similar position. Despite the website name, we want to help everyone, not just parents, but couldn’t find an all-inclusive, yet short and meaningful domain name.

Code Parents() Facebook page

Practical Responsive Images

The < picture > element and srcset & sizes attributes finally offer a standards based approach to real-world Responsive Images. The Project’s website  explores the new solutions available to us, provides real-world examples, and links into utilising Dynamic Imaging to make this truly practical. I’ve also been presenting on the subject at developer meet-ups and geek nights.

My book “Practical Responsive Images” is available through UK publishers Five Simple Steps :

NE Dev [Meetup]

NE Dev is the quarterly north east developer meetup, based in Middlesborough which brings developers, engineers and designers together to share, learn and be inspired by each other. Established and co-ordinated by Darren Lee and Peter Coulton & I, sponsored by Amplience and Northstar Ventures.

Write-up of our first event in November 2014

Write-up of our second event in February 2015

Code Club / STEMNet

STEMnet Ambassador and Code Club, volunteering to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Organising and running a Code Club for Year 5 & 6 pupils; It’s amazing what you can learn, when you try to teach something.

Save Your Past

Specialising in making the most of your pre-digital precious memories, Save Your Past Ltd. is now run as a successful limited company by my wife Emma Seymour

See More Potential

Exploring the inspiration provided simply from a book’s cover. The Project’s website implemented a responsive images approach utilising Dynamic Imaging, and culminated in a book which, albeit EMPTY inside, is available on Amazon.