With Just My Phone (posting and creating)

While traveling in Cologne for work, and wanted to explore the feasibility of posting an update, while on the road, using only my phone. (not even the folding bluetooth keyboard I wished i had packed)

I’ve been absorbed by the view from my hotel window, and have found it mesmerising using ‘Slow Shutter’ app to see the river of light painted by the cars and trams below.

Rivers of light

I also used the app ‘Hyperlapse’ earlier to capture this short timelapse:

Busy Town

As well as the app ‘Lapse It Pro’ to record the sunrise (fortunately my hotel room faced East) Cologne Sunrise

Finally, after taking off from Cologne into rain and cloud, as we gained altitude the clouds became vibrant and golden as they were highlighted by the setting sun. Golden Clouds

(Note: I made the last few tweaks to the this post using my laptop, but mostly because I can type faster on a proper keyboard.)