Make More of Your Videos

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“Pages with video attracted 2-3x more visitors”: Marketing Sherpa

The great statistics about the power of video, are probably the result of good video SEO and social sharing. However, in addition to these engagement benefits for just serving great video content, we should now also be considering further enriching our video content. We previously discussed the considerable benefits of Combining Content and Commerce, and you could also be looking to benefit from finding greater leverage from the commerce opportunities that many of your videos may offer.

Merchandising Your Videos

Michelle Phan is a global sensation. A make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur who now has over 7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and her own commerce brand ‘em cosmetics’.

We were involved in a great project to help em cosmetics merchandise these amazing videos. While Amplience can transcode and serve video via our Media Platform, it was important to maintain the social value of their existing YouTube channels, and so we implemented an Amplience Interactive Merchandising module which utilized the YouTube video, and then layered on top some powerful merchandising.

At relevant points in the video timeline, details of the particular products that are being used are displayed alongside the video:


Upon clicking the ‘Quick Shop’ button a quickview appears containing more product details, from which items can be ‘added to bag’:


When the quickview is closed, the video continues playing, right where you left it, seamlessly allowing you to continue enjoying the video content, and of course providing further opportunities to add more items to your basket.

You can see the ‘Get The Look’ page at


Amplience Video for eCommerce

This shoppable video experience was created using:

Existing YouTube video

Existing product data

Existing quickview

Yet by combining these within the creative authoring tool provided in Amplience Video for eCommerce the result can be so much more than the sum of its parts.

Using our browser-based tools, it takes only a few clicks to add a video to your module, and to give it the YouTube ID of the video in question. The video properties panel then gives you a timeline tool, from which you can add cue-points to the relevant places in the video and set the actions to be triggered at those times. In this case, we want to populate the right hand panel with the relevant product details. You can see from the screen shot below, just how intuitive tool is to use, and how rapidly the creative teams can produce amazing looking shoppable videos.


Another great use case, is to apply dynamic video overlays on top of the video, and you could also streamline the creation of making multi-lingual versions of your interactive video content.


Here are two more great examples of the creative shoppable videos created by our customers using Amplience Video for eCommerce:

JD Williams: