Echostar HDS-600RS – remote not working

The Echostar HDS-600RS is a brilliant unit: FreeSat HD, dual inputs, live pause/replay, slingbox and relatively reasonably prices. However, there is an issue I’ve had twice now, where the remote control just stops working. It took me quite some searching to find the solution the first time, so I’m making a note of it here in case I need it again some day.

It seems that the remote control becomes un-paired from the base unit. In some cases it appears that this is the result of some other universal remote control interfering with the base unit, though I’ve encountered it without having any other such remote controls in the house.

On the HDS-600RS remote:

1) press and hold the left and right arrow keys for five seconds (until LED stays on)

2) Using the numeric keypad, enter digits 1 2 6 (LED blinks three times)

3) While pointing the HDS600 remote at the STB, press and hold the right arrow and OK keys for five seconds (until LED blinks 2 times).


** I found these instructions were at the following URL, but struggled to find it again when I needed it a second time: