ASP to PHP migration : PicasaWeb feed XSLT

I’ve been transferring most of my hosting away from 1&1 [previous blog article] and as part of that I am also moving from ASP hosting services to PHP. I have been using XSLT to transform a feed from PicasaWeb to create a simple interface to browse our family photos, and so needed to convert these ASP pages to PHP (the XSL will initially remain the same, though I should also really update the design)

The minor changes needed were as follows:

Querystring params: $_GET[‘field’] instead of request.querystring(‘field’)

Concatenating Strings: use ‘.’ instead of ‘+’

(PHP String Operators: )


XLST  Transformation code now [PHP]:

$xslDoc = new DOMDocument();


$xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();


$proc = new XSLTProcessor();


echo $proc->transformToXML($xmlDoc);


XLST  Transformation code WAS [ASP]:

var mm_xsl = new MM_XSLTransform();



Response.write (mm_xsl.Transform());

The temporary home of the migrated page is: