Transforming travelling with the Asus keyboard dock

While I will need my main PC for large desktop app based presentations and demos, so far in this short hop to Munich the Asus Transformer, with the keyboard dock is blooming marvellous. For one thing when the guy in front reclined his seat, the transformer+dock still fits comfortably on the little folding tray area and typing in such a restricted space is no problem at all.

Knowing that I should have between 9 and 16 hours use time also means i am pretty self contained and shouldn’t have to worry about power supplies and associated annoyances for this 2 day business trip.

I love reading PDFs using the tablet and ezPDF reader…

USB host mode means v easy transfer of my docs to my PC when I get to the hotel….

With any luck, if this post makes it live, it is indicative that the offline mode on the WordPress app for Android, along with the keyboard-dock makes the Asus Transformer one of the most compelling form factors I have come across for some time.

[update: to avoid a scary moment, press ‘save’ not ‘update’ while disconnected. I’m glad to say this post was not lost, but the exception alert made me thing for a minute that it had been a ‘learning experience’

[note: so far I cannot figure out how to spell check in the WordPress Android app]