About Ben Seymour


With extensive experience in eCommerce, Dynamic/Rich Media, Conversion Optimisation, Digital Marketing – Ben Seymour has led the successful delivery of scores of projects for the largest global eCommerce clients and most prestigious brands.

Currently Senior Solution Engineer at Sunnyvale CA based Cloudinary (previously enjoying 6 years at Shoreditch-based Amplience where he was Director Solution Consulting, prior to which he enjoyed 5 years at Adobe Systems where he was a Senior Manager and Senior Solution Specialist.

Based near Oxford, Ben is a STEMnet Ambassador and Code Club volunteer, teaching coding and computer skills to Primary School children, and relishes the challenges of helping individuals and organisations to pragmatically make more of the potential available to them through the latest tools in today’s fast paced digital world.

Ben’s personal blog is called “All BS”, and can be found at: http://benseymour.com/blog

He is passionate about evangelising the benefits of Responsive Images & Dynamic Media Systems, presenting at conferences and community events, and curates: http://responsiveimag.es/

His book “Practical Responsive Images” is available through UK publishers Five Simple Steps : http://www.fivesimplesteps.com/products/practical-responsive-images

Practical Responsive Images - Book



  • Top B&W photograph of me speaking courtesy of Christian Hambly, ** Second Colour Photograph of me speaking courtesy of Al Power

Outside work his interests centre around two energetic creative entities aged 9  & 6, motorbikes and mountain bikes, Formula1 and the occasional track day (most recently Lotus Exige and Audi R8’s at Silverstone) .photoshoot emma 360

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Ben Seymour is an eCommerce & Dynamic Content/Media specialist, and Responsive Images Advocate, with a proven track record in Technical Pre-Sales, Product Evangelism, Customer Advocacy, Technical Consulting, Project Management, and is currently the Director of Solution Consulting at Amplience : cv.benseymour.com

A few of the kinds words received over the years:

“He has an exceptional ability to communicate well and engender trust across the globe and management level. I have seen him impress a managing director with his business insight and creativity and quell engineering concerns surrounding timelines and solutions.”

P. Sogge, Digital Marketing Executive

“Ben is a true expert in his field and completely respected and trusted by colleagues and customers alike. ….. In short, Ben is hugely skilled, passionate and trustworthy.”

David S. Account Director / District Manager

“I’d recommend Ben for virtually any job that benefits from knowing the technology whilst dealing with people.”

Dr. K. Wise, Director

“Ben has a great talent for engendering confidence in our customers as they explore new technical avenues to increase their competitiveness. His product and technical expertise and passion bubbles to the surface and allows customers to fully explore and exploit the capability and potential without feeling overwhelmed. In my experience this has greatly helped us fine tune our approach, which in turn maximises the value and benefits our customers get from our solutions.”

Darren Lee, Head of Development

“I’ve worked with Ben for many years, and most recently on our dynamic imaging migration. Ben has an exceptional eye for detail and is an asset on any project, his knowledge of the Amplience technology and eCommerce in general is outstanding and has been critical to the projects we have completed together.”

Simon Poole: Senior User Experience Manager at Shop Direct

“Ben’s level of expertise of the Amplience platform capabilities along with technical understanding of back end systems in asset management is exceptional.”

Matt E., Digital Content Manager

“He managed to teach me the product fundamentals over a single 2 hours meeting and I was amazed by how Ben can make even the most complex technology simple.”

I.Baratz, Senior Consultant

My Myers Briggs

A couple of times a year someone brings up Myers-Briggs in conversation, and I rarely remember what mine is meant to be, so here seems as good a place as any to put it for future reference:

Myers Briggs: ENFJ

Extraverted (89%) iNtuitive (75%) Feeling (12%) Judging (56%)

very expressed extravert distinctively expressed intuitive personality slightly expressed feeling personality moderately expressed judging personality eNFj : The Portrait of the educative mentor or Teacher Idealist

The Idealists called Teachers are abstract in their thought and speech, cooperative in their style of achieving goals, and directive and expressive in their interpersonal relations.