Currently there are 2 Psychology trained teachers, Mr C Riley (H.O.D), and Mrs A Dodd.


We have 2 A Level sets in years 12 and 13. They are following a 2 year programme. They are assessed by 2 x 3 hour exams at the end of the 2 years, plus 2 pieces of coursework. These are 2 pieces of psychological research written up as a scientific journal paper. The examining board is AQA.


However, the structure of the course will alter from September 2000 in accordance with the changes required by governrnent. Although the structure will change, and possibly the assessment procedure, the content topics will be, by and large, the same as now.


These are:

Social Psychology e.g. Crowd behaviour, pro and anti social behaviour, obedience to malevolent authorities.

Biological psychology eg How do animals communicate? Is it like we do? How do dogs learn to lead a blind person?

Abnormal psychology e.g. Mental illness, therapies and treatments.

Developmental psychology e.g. Early years attachment bonds, the development of thinking and intelligence, changes in old age.

Cognitive pyschology e.g. Memory and forgetting, paying attention, language development.

Methodology and statistics e.g. how do psychologists conduct their scientific research? So how do we know what we know so far? (a grade C at GCSE Maths is most important)

We study the main Schools of thought that form the world of thinking in psychology. It is these that make psychological discussion so diverse and controversial. e.g. Freudian thinking. Behaviourism, Humanistic approaches to the person.

Finally there is a course in Ethics to do with how we treat people, animals and the vulnerable in society. (the young, old and sick)

The department has a good supply of books, videos and copies of Journal papers.


You will read a lot, write a lot, apply logical and scientific thinking to your work.

And become very SMUG