Muslims trace the origins of their religion back to the first human being who they believe was Adam. According to teachings of Islam Adam was the first man and the first Muslim.

The word Islam means peace. Islam also means submission or giving in. A Muslim is someone who submits to the will of Allah. Allah is the Muslim word for God. Muslims believe that everyone is born with free will. Therefore everyone has a choice to follow their own path driven by greed, desire and selfishness or to follow a path which leads to peace. Adam was the first person to submit in obedience and faith to the will of Allah.

There have been many prophets and messengers of Allah who all delivered the same message that is to worship Allah. Allah is the one true god and there is no other god. The last and final prophet was Muhammed. He was born in Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia. It was here, in the mountains outside Mecca that Muhammed received the words of the Qu'ran. Muslims believe the Qu'ran contains the word of Allah and that his final revelation marks the completion of Allah's message.

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